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2 days in the Brecons with team T-Cup

‘Defining Garry Pratt is not easy… an Academic, Entrepreneur, Archaeologist, Mountaineer or Author can all be fitting. The reality is however that whilst Garry is all those things, he is also a genuinely nice guy whose walking tours called ‘Walking with Leaders’ means that time spent with him will not only be beneficial for your personal wellbeing but it will be invaluable for your business.

Garry guided myself and a group of our business on a short 2-day tour where we explored the best that Wales had to offer. Whilst it never felt like a ‘work day’ Garry carefully navigated our team over the course of two days using the natural landscape to either ‘broaden our horizons’ on the tops of Pen y Fan where there literally were no boundaries, or he helped us focus on mindfulness techniques when we were enclosed by the Black Mountain Forrest. Pure genius and genuinely transformational.

We often talk about ‘return of investment’ when it comes to business. Putting a price on having a more motivated and aligned self-aware team who have learnt some new life skills and since our walk come up with some amazing ideas resultant from the discussions and process that will stand the test of time is truly priceless.’

Edwyn van Rooyen

Walks, fieldtrips and courses

Outside/ Thinking UK trips

  • 1, 2 or 3 days walking, talking and learning in the Brecon Beacons, Snowdonia or on the SW Coast Path
  • A great post COVID way to decelerate, reset and get your team together
  • Find out why walking is a fantastic tool for innovation, wellbeing and personal development
  • Develop innovative thinking and new ideas

The science says that freeing our minds in the great outdoors is a sure-fire route to inspiration and stress relief. In this course we explore wild places, do moderately challenging things, walk, talk and through this develop clear sighted thinking and enhanced wellbeing.

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Free your thinking

“After a busy 2 weeks working in Intensive Care, The Emergency Department and with The Football Association, 2 days for reflection in the Brecon Beacons was needed. I felt that we achieved more in casual conversation than hundreds of zoom calls combined. You managed to get the balance just right between facilitating and letting the conversations flow. Thank you, cannot wait for the next trip!”

Michael Finlay Allen
NHS Clinical Entrepreneur

“Thanks to Garry Pratt for inspiring us on our team-building trip to Cornwall and especially for motivating up all those steps! The physical challenge was good for us. It made us all realise that sometimes we need to push ourselves and take on new challenges rather than staying in our comfort zones if we want to reap the reward. And, I think we would all agree that it was a demanding and interesting, but also though provoking and inspiring few days.”

Keith Tadhunter
Managing Parter

1-6 Participants
7-12 Participants
Brecon Beacons, Mendips
Brecon Beacons, SW Coastpath
SW Coastpath, Snowdonia, Lakes, Mallorca
From £2500
From £4000
Mallorca, Morocco, Greece, Alps
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