Garry Pratt

I’m an entrepreneur, business mentor and qualified group walking leader. Walking has always been a key part of my life – whether a simple dog walk, the work commute, or preparing for important meetings – outside is where I clear my head, gain perspective, and do my best thinking.

I truly believe the best decisions are made with the clarity of mind that comes from a mix of exercise, wildness and engaging with others, and, during my time as a business mentor and advisor, I’ve found that clients value the opportunity to refocus in the outdoor world. (The research backs me up too – you can read my ramblings on this matter…)

This is why I started Walking Leaders and invite entrepreneurs, business leaders and executive teams to join me on adventures that might just change their business, and may well influence other areas of their life.

Gaining perspective is a key part of developing creativity and is more likely to develop when you take a break from the ordinary. You won’t find your competitive edge at the bottom of an excel spreadsheet, however large you project it.

Trips range from the ambitious (a week with your team in the Atlas Mountains perhaps) to the more manageable (a half-day one-to-one in the Brecon Beacons), and are all tailored to suit your needs. First step is for us to chat, me to listen and work out what might work for you.

I really look forward to speaking with you, and maybe walking and working with you.



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Some potted and relevant history:

My 50’s: Doing this! Studying creative entrepreneurship. NED for exciting start and scale-ups. Entrepreneur-in-Residence at University of Bath running an accelerator programme for digital start-ups.

My 40’s: Scaling and then selling Teachit. Running a boutique management consultancy. Masters and Research Fellow at University of Bristol.

My 30’s: Co-founded an innovative chain of specialist cookshops that eventually had 42 sites, and co-founded Teachit, one of the early and fastest growing innovators in online education.

My 20’s: Director of International Advertising of a $1.5BN US company that made 14 acquisitions across Europe, managing a sales operation generating over $50M in revenue.

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