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I truly believe the best decisions are made with the clarity of mind that comes from the heady mix of exercise, wildness and talking. This is why I invite entrepreneurs, fresh air thinkers, idea explorers, creatives, innovators and business leaders and executive teams I work with to ditch the boardroom and go on a hike and join me on adventures that might just change their thinking. We explore wild places, do moderately challenging things and use techniques to develop clear sighted entrepreneurial thinking.

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Almost no-one does their best thinking or is creative in the office or sat at their desk. Almost everyone I’ve spoken to about this, gets this. They know it already. And, almost all already know that fresh air and the outdoors is the place they do get inspiration.

Given the biochemical changes we go through when outside this should come as no surprise. Immersion in nature, even fleetingly, starts to put our minds into default mode, the state in which we make new connections and new ideas are born.

This can give us an enormous sense of well-being and can cure burn out, both mental and physical, in some people, but it’s more than this.

The removal of the boundaries we experience outside translate and influence directly to our thinking.

The outside is full of metaphor for our thoughts, spoken, unspoken, cheesy and transcendental.

We have different conversations when outside, side-by-side, the narrative changes. We generate real innovation, We unlock our Outside Thinking.

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